Monday, November 7, 2011

Scribe Post 11/4

In class today, we discussed the homework due monday, which is:
  • UP 3-7
  • Spice Lab
  • UP 9-11
  • UP 15-16B
  • Study Mitosis vs. Meiosis
We also filled a good portion of the meiosis notes. These notes are on the moodle page as usual.

Meiosis is the special type of cell division carried out by organisms for sexual reproduction. It produces 4 genetically different cells that are also haploid.

Here are the stages of meiosis:

Prophase I: Here the cells prepare for division just like in mitosis.

Metaphase I: Here the chromosomes line up in the middle and the spindle forms.

Anaphase I: Here the chromosomes split off to the poles.

Telophase I/ Prophase II: 2 Daughter cells are formed, and cytokinesis occurs.

Metaphase II: Chromosomes line up in the middles of their respective cells.

Anaphase II: The DNA splits off to the poles of each cell.

Telophase II: 4 distinct, genetically different cells are formed.

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  1. Your definitions/descriptions of the different phases were sooo helpfull!! This was a good post! Very clear and well organized. :)