Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scribe Post 11/9

Today in class:
- Turned in the homework pg.19-37

- Turned in EC pg. 39-40 (if you did it)

- Took quiz on Meiosis

-Worked on pg. 41 in UP after quiz

- Got new notes packet- Genetics & took notes


Gregor Mendel: 1866
  • 1st to analyze patterns of inheritance scientifically
  • In a garden of an abbey in Austria, bred garden peas
- The reproductive parts of the flower are the stamen and the carpel.
  • The stamen is the male reproductive part that has pollen, which is sperm.
  • The carpel is the female reproductive part with the egg and once its fertilized it turns into a full, ripe flower.
  • One way flowers get fertilized is through self fertilization, where its own stamen fertilizes its own carpel.
  • Parents pass heritable factors (genes) to their offspring
  • Genes retain individuality generation after generation
  • Self vs. Cross fertilization- Self fertilization fertilizes by itself and Cross fertilization is when its pollinated by a different plant
  • Hybrids (Aa)- offspring of 2 different true breeding varieties (Pure breeds)- AA or aa
  • *P generation. F1, F2- F3
  • Monohybrid Crosses- 1 trait
  • Alleles- alternative forms of a gene
  • Dominant(A) vs. Recessive- masked Aa or aa

P- Parent
F1- Offspring
F2- Grandkids
To understand more about genetics or to answer any questions, check out this site:


- Read and study UP p. 43-44

- Make sure to know the definitions!
-Make note cards if you need too, but PRACTICE! :)
- Read CH 9 p.142-168





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  2. I think you did a great job here Nazia, but I think a good addition would be putting in an overview of what genetics is, as we are just starting the chapter. But well done.

  3. Thank you for you insightful and constructive comments. I look your advice into consideration and added a link above to some videos on genetics and some other helpful stuff.