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Blog Post November 15, 2011

Hello Class,

Today we:
Covered pages 8-14 In out notes packet.
Turned In:
Lab #34
UP Pg. 45-50
Stamed the Di-Hybrid Crossing assignments


Sex Linked Genetics

-Ex. Muscular Dystrophy
-Color Blindness
(the greater that sight (>) means subscript)


X>D+X>D= Normal Female
X>D+X>d= Carrier Female-Still Normal
X>d+X>d= Female with Disorder


X>D+Y= Normal Male
X>d+Y= Male with Disorder

Males will NEVER have an Allele on the Y Chromosome ****

Next we talked about different Blood Groups, our discussion can be summed up on the following chart.

P. 10

Pleiotropy - the impact of a single gene on more that one characteristic.
Ex. Sicle Cell ( Gene A)
Pg. 11

Polygenic inheritance - the additive effects of 2 or more genes on a single characteristic.
Ex. Skin Pigmentation
Eye Color
Pg. 12

Incomplete Dominance

Where a trait is blended with another trait for the same characteristic. ( See chart below for an example.)

Pg. 12-13

Genetic Disorders

See the chart below and in textbook page 151.

Pg. 13

Fetal Testing

Amniocentesis- 14-16 week old baby- sample of the amniotic fluid, the cells from fluid are grown and karyotyped.

Chroinic Villius (CVS) - cells from a small piece of fetal tissue from the placenta are karyotyped.

Ultrasound- resinance imaging uses sound waves to produce an image of the fetus.

Endoscopy- needle like tube with a scope that is inserted into the uterus. Provides a direct view.


1. Finish Lab #35
2. UP p. 92A-92F
3. start UP p. 73-77
4. QUIZ coming..."

Thanks for reading,

Siddharth Rajan

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  1. Siddharth,
    Very well done. Your post was detailed and easy to understand. The pictures also really helped. Reading this post was a good way to review what we learned in class today.


  2. Good job! The pictures were very clear and detailed, it made the information easier to understand.
    Just one thing I think you should add is the difference between codominance and incomplete dominance because it's easy to mix them up.
    Codominance- When both dominant and recessive trait shows up. (So if the flower had red and white spots.)
    Incomplete Dominance- When it blends(pink flower)

  3. Siddharth,
    YOur post was really good, but I think you had too many photos, and it took the focus off the information. You didn't explain the photos as well as you could have. Also, you said there's NEVER an allele on the Y chromosome, but there is, we just don't talk about this. I think you should clarify it by saying it's there, but we won't talk about it in class. I think instead of stating a definition, you should go more in depth. Overall though, the pictures chosen did assist you in explaining the topic, and it was effective inexplaining the notes.

  4. Siddharth,
    Your post was really nice to see the visual aspect of our class. I agree with Will that there are too many pictures and it sort of distracted me because I only looked at the pictures first, without reading what it was about. Also, there was a minor mistake and that was you spelled sickle wrong, just letting you know. Other than that it was a good outline of what we did in class.

  5. Sid,
    Your post was very informative and I disagree
    with both Dustin and Will, I liked the pictures. And since these concepts are difficult to comprehend without pictures, in this case, it was good to have a lot.
    Well done !

  6. Siddharth, you had great pictures thank you! Maybe you could add in an example of how to cross blood linked traits? Just a thought.