Saturday, November 12, 2011

Class Date: 11/10/11

Overview of what we covered today in class:
  • We began our notes together as a class
  • Practiced on UP p. 41 (do not need to turn in)
  • went over terms on UP p. 43 (memorize these if you have not already)
  • Began Investigating Inherited Human Traits lab UP p. 45-50 (homework if not finished in class)
  • began UP p.55-57 (homework if not finished)

Class notes:

Today we finished class notes on genetics p.1-7, though we did not do page 5. In the notes we first covered Gregor Mendel, who is also known as "the father of genetics". This is because he was the first to analyze patters of inheritance scientifically. To do this he performed an experiment. In this, he took the Stamen (male organ with sperm) of a purple garden pea plant and pollonated the Carpel (female organ with ovaries and eggs) of a white garden pea plant. He next planted the hybrid (offspring of two different true-breeding varieties) which became a new P (parent) generation. When the plant grew, he analyzed seven different characteristics: flower color (purple or white), flower position (axial or terminal), seed color (yellow or green), seed shape (round or wrinkled), pod shape (inflated or constricted), pod color (green or yellow), and stem length (tall or dwarf). These flowers in this F1 (children) generation were found to majoritativly have the characteristics of the purple garden pea! Mendel concluded that the purple flower had the more dominant gene. Based on this, Mendel's 2 Principles arose. His first was his principle of segregation, which stated alleles seperate during gamete formation (meiosis), and they fuse together again in fertilization.His other principle, that of independent assortment, which we learned of in the last unit.

We now know what Mendel did as a testcross, the mating of an individual with an unknown gentype with a homozygous recessive genotype. This is used to find out what the genotype of the first individual is, whether its homozygous dominant, homozygous recessive, or a hybrid.


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