Monday, November 14, 2011

Scribe Post: Monday November 14

Hello Class:
Today in class we:
1. Stamped & went over UP p. 55-57
2. Learned about dihybrid crosses
3. Got started on lab #34

The main topic for class today was learning about dihybrid crosses:

Here is a walkthrough of a sample dihybrid problem from which we use often for our web quests.

( The amount of images used in the explanation were to much for the blog, it wouldn't let me insert that many pictures.)

If you are more of a visual/audio person, I found this animation to be very helpful in understanding dihybrid crosses.

Remember to use FOIL (First.Outside.Inside.Last)

If you used the walkthrough/animation for help then you should be well off.
I'm sorry I couldn't include lots of pictures, but since Dihybrid crosses involve so many steps (and pictures) I wasn't able to get them into the blog directly.

Our homework for today was:
UP pgs 59-62 (dihybrids)
Lab #34 (probability lab)


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  1. Mark- This post was very helpful! The pictures on the link explained it perfectly. I was doubtful...but it was really good. Great Job!

  2. P.S. It's now required you use at least one picture so I think you should put one in even though the crosses are explained on the sites you provided.