Wednesday, February 1, 2012

  • Got UP pgs 31-36 stamped
  • Went over UP pgs 31-36
  • Did the moth and tree bark lab

UP PGS 31-36-

So these pages were pretty much more practice with the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium problems. We started them in class yesterday and reviewed them today. Yesterday Sophia was the scribe and she put up a really good post about how to solve these problems if your still confused. The main thing you need to figure out with these word problems is just what = q/p/q2/etc... After that you just need to plug in the numbers to solve for the other variables and/or fill in your Punnet Square.


This lab demonstrated natural selection/evolution in action. To do this lab we...
  • Chose A type of "bark" (a bark background printed on paper) either light, medium or dark. Then some members of the group...
  • Put five of the light and dark "moths" (smaller bark printouts) onto the paper while one group member had their back turned. Then that group member...
  • Turned around and picked up the first moths they saw in 6 seconds. We then...
Recorded how many of each type of mothwere left and recorded it in our chart. Then in the other chart we...
  • Recorded the number of each type of moth left on the paperbark times by 2. This was our "second generation" and we once again placed the "moths" on the "bark" and ran the test for the 2nd and 3rd "generations"

  • Review Hardy Weinberg problems
  • Read CH 15 p. 297-302
  • QUIZ



  1. Eleni, this was a really good scribe post. The pictures helped me visualize how much the color of the moth could impact whether or not a predator will catch it. Next time if you could just make your bullet points a little bit more clear. I got confused for a second when u put the "..." at the end of each one. Other then that great job!

  2. Eleni, I agree with Mark that this was a really good post, and I also agree with the clarity. I would just space it out a little more, but other than that it was a really good summary of what we did in class.

  3. Hey Eleni! This was a great post. The larger font made it not as overwhelming to read as some other posts. Also your use of colors was very helpful. Good job