Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scribe Post 2/29/11

Today in Class we...
  1. Handed in the crustacean lab
  2. Finished up the note packet
  3. Did and handed in classification lab

  • Notes
-7 classes of Chordates (vertebrates)

-Lack jaws (jawless)
-Use their jawless mouths to stick to the sides
of other fish
-(pictured right-------->)
-2 chambered heart, ectothermic (cold blooded)
-Ex: shark, rays, skates
-Made of cartilage**
-amazing sense of smell
-2 chambered heart, ectothermic
-Bony fishes
-Stiff skeleton with calcium salts
-Buoyant (because of an air filled sack called a swim bladder)
-Do not need to swim to filter water through gills**
-2 chambered heart, ectothermic
-Ex: Frog, newt, toad, salamander
-Breathe through skin (require moist skin)
-Double life cycle featuring a metamorphisis --->
-First vertebrates to colonize land
-3 chambered heart, ectothermic
-Ex: Snake, lizard, alligators
-Have scales, claws
-Lay amniotic eggs
-3 chambered heart, ectothermic
(require less than 10% of a mammal their size
-Ex: Bird
-Lay amniotic eggs, have scales
-Adapted to flying
-Honeycombed bones
-1 ovary vs. 2
-no teeth
-Only 2 flightless species
-4 chambered heart, endothermic (warm blooded)
-Ex: Humans, Bears, Mouse
-Mainly terrestrial
-Hair and Mammary (milk producing) gland
-4 Chambered heart, endothermic
  • Classification Lab:
-Pertained to the 7 classes from the notes
-We observed different jarred/dead animals and had to classify them according to the key on the first page of the lab
-there were 21 animals of varying classes
-We turned them in at the end of class!

  • do UP page 73
Next scribe: Mark


  1. Olivia great post, there is only one thing that I would recommend and that is a video. Other than that it was a really good post.

  2. Olivia,
    The color coding you used in your post was really helpful. It made it easier for me to keep apart the separate classes. I agree with Dustin that a short video clip may have helped. However, I don't really know what type of video would help with comprehending this topic besides what we have already watched in class. Otherwise, great post and it was really helpful when reviewing for the quizzes and test.

  3. Hola. I agree with Sophia, the colors actually helped. This helped a lot to review before the test, but since this is the last post before the test, maybe you could have gone through the packet a bit and touched on older stuff. just a suggestion.

  4. This really helped me remember all this information for the test. As said before, the color coding definitely helps. Great post!

  5. This was a really great post! The colors really helped me to categorize things and you had the information organized very clearly. The only thing that I would say you should add is maybe a video or some different pictures. Other than that good job!! :)

    - eleni

  6. Great post olivia!! This helped me study for my bio test!! the info was so helpfull and the colors kept me organized and awake.