Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biology Honors


  • Finish Earthworm Lab
  • Make isopod lab
  • Nature Article
What we did in class
  • Earthworm Lab
  • Isopod Lab Design
In the earthworm lab, we got an earthworm, placed it on a piece of wet paper towel and observed many things.
We observed the:
  • Anterior End
  • Posterior End
  • Dorsal side
  • Ventral Side
  • The way it moved
Next we measured the legnth, in centimeters, and the number of segments
The results of each group(length(cm), # of segments):
  1. 20.5, 175
  2. 18, 150
  3. 17, 152
  4. 16, 164
  5. 21, 188
Then we looked and felt the clitellum, setae, and seminal receptacles. We then predicted if it sensed light, odor, sound, taste and touch. We did a test to see if they responded to wetness/ dryness and the worm seemed to sense both. A test with ammonia to see if it can smell, and it was able to. Finally we did our own experiment to see if it sensed light.

Tomorrow you are suppose to have a detailed design for the isopod lab.

Hope this post helps out.
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Michael D


  1. Michael, I really liked your post because it really helped me remember what we did. If anything, you can have a video of an earthworm and reaction to the light. Other than that it is fine.

  2. Hey Michael. I was wondering if I could be scribe tomorrow instead of Melissa because I will only be here Monday next week and I am one of the few people who haven't gone yet. Thanks.

  3. Hey Michael thanks so much for the diagram of the earthworm, it helped me a lot with labelling my drawing on the lab!!

  4. Hey Michael, i think you did really good here. The only thing that i might change is that maybe you could've talked about the questions in the lab specifically to help those who didnt get to them or weren't there. But other than that, great job.

  5. Michael you included most of the information you could, which is hard because most of the class was a lab. It's tricky to try and describe a whole lab in a post. I like that you posted the class measurements as well.