Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Post: 2/18/2012

Today we turned in....
Our 2 UP pages of choice (15, 17-18, 19, 0r 21-26)
Work on Nature Magazine (due 3/2)
research "Rolley Polly" bugs (p.51-54)
Finish p.39-40
Finish p.41-43
read Ch 17
What we did in class:
The only thing we did in class today was the "Live Hydra Lab" (p.39-40)
and the "Flatworms-Observation of a Live Planarian Lab" (p41-43, except we didnt do page 43)
Hydra lab:
(note... if you need to look up a picture of the hydra in water, please use the photo on the right)
Notes about the lab:
1. Do not forget to do the prelab on p39! (many people did)
2. dont not forget to fill in the diagram on p.39
3. When filling in lab analysis question number 2, note that note everybody's hydra had the same amount of tentacles.
4.Under 'Hydra Behavior", question 3, hydras only move their tentacles.
5.On Question 4, note that we did not use a toothpick, we used the pipet. The hydra's reaction was it attached to it, and once it fell it balled up.
6. For question 5 not that hydras sting their prey to kill it then eat it. Also, we used a living daphnia, not fish food.
Flatworm lab (p41-43 (w/o p. 43)):
Note: For question 1 and 4 use the following picture.
2. For question 5 note we did not do a class average. I dont think you would be able to find flatworm and measure it, so maybe look up their average length on line.
3.For question 6 note that the flatworms were constantly moving. Also note that the worms creep on the edges of the dish. Also, for the last part, note that the current had no effetc on what the worm was doing.
4.You can use this video for help with questions 6 and 7
5.For question 8 and 9 just use a search engine to figure out the answers.
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  1. Jeremy,
    This was a really helpful post for the questions and the video you posted was very useful as well since my partner and I did not get to the section with the flatworm eating. Great job.

  2. Jeremy, I agree with Alexis how this was really good, and I also laughed at the picture of the hydra. This really clarified the lab, thanks!

  3. Jeremy,
    This really helped sum up the lab. Also, the video helped a lot. Good Job!!