Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scribe Post 2/24/12

Today In Class We:
-Did our isopod lab

-Finish UP 51-54 (type up sections and questions)

-UP 55-57 (make sure you color!)

-Prelab UP 59-66

-Nature Due 3/2-Don't wait until the last minute!

For the isopod lab you needed to do background information so make sure you include that in your typed up lab. Isopods belong to the kingdom Animalia and the Phlyum arthropoda with the sub phylum crustacea. Other organisms in this phylum are krill, lobsters, and crabs.

Don't forget to include your hypothesis and purpose!

My group for the lab experimented with the moisture of the environment for the isopod. Other groups may have chosen different things. here is a video with other types of experiments. The music is also REALLY good.

During the experiment we did 3 different trials with 10 pill bugs. Everyone should have had multiple trials along with multiple test subjects. Our experiment contained 3 different chambers. One with half a pipette full of water, one with a full pipette of water, and one dry chamber. The pill bugs seemed to like the half-pipette area most.

You should have found an environment that Pill bugs like more based on your testing.

Hope this sums up everything!


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  1. Alexis,
    I liked hearing what your group did for the experiment, because ours was totally different. The video was also a cool way to see how pill bugs react to different environments. (I agree, I love the music.) However, it could have been a bit more helpful if you included more of your background research in the post (not that I don't have my own), but it would have been a good reminder before I read the post. Also just fyi- you forgot to label "scribe post" at the bottom.
    Thanks for a good post!
    - Sophia

  2. Hey Alexis. I agree w/ Sophia on this one, background research couldve helped your post a bit. Also, maybe include an example procedure or something for next time? But other than that great job.

  3. Your post was very helpful Alexis. It cleared up whether we were supposed to do the background information, but I agree with Jeremy and Sophia. In all other areas though the post was well done.