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"Miracle of Life" The Human Anatomy

Happy New Year!
Today in class, we went over page 4 in the packet which was our homework. We had a memorable discussion about it.

We also took notes on the Human Reproduction as well and ideas that we should study for the test.

We learned
about gonads, which are the organs that produce the gametes for the body and that both genders have them. Also, the DUCTS (not ducks), which are tubes.

First we learned about the Female Reproductive Anatomy:
~Ovaries:site of gamete production

~Follicles: consists of a single developing cell and when it ruptures its OVULATION

egg cell is ejected from the follicle

~Corpus Luteum: Name of the remaining follicle tissue

~Oviduct also known as the Fallopian Tube
(know both): where the cilia sweeps the egg towards the uterus AND FERTILIZATION MAY OCCUR HERE

-Oviduct is the location where a woman can have ectopic pregnancy where the egg gets stuck and grows causing the egg to die and may kill the mother if untreated

is the actual site of pregn

: blood-rich layer of tissue that lines the uterus, the lining gets thicker during pregnancy (embryo implants and develops here)

~Embryo: from zygote stage to about 9 weeks

~Fetus: from 9 weeks stage to birth

~Cervix: the bottom of the uterus, appears
closed, but actually is really small that only sperm can get through

~Vagina: birth canal and where the sperm is deposited

~Vulva: outer structures of the female anatomy

~Urethra: tube where the urine is excreted, it part of both the digestive and reproductive systems

~Labia Minor: skin folds so it b
orders the vagina and is closer to the middle then the Labia Major

~Labia Major: fatty skin folds that protect the genital region, more on the outside

~Hymen: it is a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening and can easily fall off if they do activities like gymnastics

~Clitoris: short shaft that supports the glans and are very sensitive because of the nerves, and this gives the pleasure to make reproduction more successful

Front view

Left view or the view facing the door
when you are in biology class

Next is the Male Anatomy
~Penis: contains erectile tissue that fills up with blood, this causes an erection
and a has a shaft that supports the glans, which is at the tip of the penis

~Testes: the male gonads located O
UTSIDE THE BODY in the scrotum

~Scrotum is the sac that holds the testes away from the body because sperm develops and functions better when it is a little lower than 98.6 degrees

~Epididymis: this stores the sp
erm while it finishes maturing

~Ejaculation: is the expulsion of sperm that also contains fluid from the penis

Left view, if facing the door in the
biology class

Right view, if facing the wall in the biology class

***An additional note is that the Nervous System controls the body (reproductive)***

-Structure Questions: WHAT IS IT, WHERE IS IT, and WHAT DOES IT DO?

2)Oviduct/ Fallopian Tube
5) Vagina

1)Testis (testes)
4)Vas Deferans
5) Urethra

-Know the Views of the Body, for example the pictures you need to be able to determine the view just by looking at them(know the view before answering the question)

HOMEWORK FOR TODAY: PRE-LAB 35-38 READ AND if you want Answer critcal thinking questions if you know the answer to them

Thank you, Dustin
Next Scribe is Michael***

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  1. Hey Dustin! This was a really helpful post. It reminded me of what I need to study for the test. The pictures were also very helpful with labeling the different parts.
    PS: memorable is a good word to describe that discussion. haha