Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scribe Post 1/5/12

Today in class we watched part of a Bill Nye video, then took notes on gametogenesis, and ended class with the mammalian gametes lab (p. 35-38).

  1. Finish Lab (p. 35-58)

  2. Pages 15-18 in UP
  3. Study for test
  4. Study for final

Reproduction and Development
Gametogenesis (p. 5-8)

This section was mostly about how we make gametes
  • Gametogenesis is the production of gametes

  • Gametes are half of a diploid cell(haploid) that is developed by meiosis
We took notes on female gametogenesis first.
  • OOGENESIS is the development of eggs within the ovaries

  • AT BIRTH a follicle contains a primary (1 degree) oocybe which is dormant
  • OOCYBE is a diploid cell that pauses it meiosis prophase 1
  • FSH (follicle simulating hormone) triggers the devlopment of the follicle
  • Eventually the follicle completes meiosis 1 and moves on to meiosis 2
  • Only 1 secondary(2 degree) oocyte receives most of the cytoplasm
  • Polar Body is the cell that gets little cytoplasm
  • Ovulation starts when the pituitary gland has secreted luteinizing hormone
  • Meiosis 2 is completed only if a sperm fuses with the 2 degree oocyte
  • A second polar body is formed due to meiosis 2

Male Gametogenesis
  • Spermatogenesis is the formation of the sperm cell
  • Formed in seminiferous tubules
  • Mitosis is used so that the testes does not run out of sperm to copy
  • Meiosis produces 2 secondary spermatocytes
  • Then 4 spermatids are created in meiosis 2
  • Sperm fully mature(grow int their shape) at the epididymis and then stored until ejaculation

These are the differences between male and female gametogenesis
  • Ovaries
  • produces until metapause
  • 1 gamete from parent cell
  • Large
  • Nonmotile and full of nutrients
  • Completed by stimulation of sperm cell
  • MALE
  • Testes
  • Produced everyday until death
  • 4gametes from parent cell
  • Small
  • Motile and little nutrients
  • Completed before sperm leaves the testes
Thanks, Michael

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  1. Michael I like your scribe post, except with development of the follicle's color change it was fine.

  2. This was a good scribe post. It helped me understand female gametogenesis a bit better. I don't have any complaints.