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Friday, January 6,2012

Today in class we:

  1. Turned in UP. Pg. 35-38

  2. Checked in and stamped UP. Pg. 15-18

  3. Went over answers for UP. Pg. 15-18

  4. Finished notes for Female Reproductive Cycle


  1. Prelab UP. Pg. 9-14

  2. Study for finals

UP. Pg. 15-18 Answers:

1. Describe the levels of the estrogens in the blood at the beginning of the follicle phase.

The estrogen level in blood was low.

2. How does the hypothylamas react to the level of estrogens at the beginning of the follicle phase?

The hypothylamas produced a releasing hormone to stimulate bringing FSH/LH into the blood.

3. What happens to the lining of the uterus when estrogen levels rise?

The uterus lining thickens.

4. Which phase is the shortest phase in the cycle? What horminal activity begins in this phase?

Ovulation begins after a sudden push of FSH/LH, which causes the follicle to release a mature ovum.

5. What hormone is released by the corpus luteum immediately after ovulation?


6. During what phase are the chances of an egg being fertilized greates?

At the beginning of luteal phase.

7. If the egg is not fertilized, a partiticular hormone falls below a certain level and signals the start of menstruation. What is this hormone?


Female Reproductive Cycle Notes:

Reproductive Cycle

  • recurring series of events that have a cycle of about 28 days

  • producing gametes that are available for fertilization

  • preparing body for pregnancy

  • Ovarian Cycle: growth and release of hormone

  • Mentrual Cycle:preparation of uterus for embryo implantation


  1. Menstruation

  • around day 1-5

  • uterine bleeding due to breakdown of endometrium

  • sign of no embryo implantation

2. Follicle

  • matures

  • releases estrogen

3. Ovulation

  • day 14

  • matured egg released from the ovary (usually one)

4. Luteal

  • develpoment of corpus luteum

  • releases progesterone

Hypothalamas: reads level of hormones in brain


  • FSH

---follicle stimulating hormone

---from anterior pituitary

  • LH
    ---luteinizing hormone

---from anterior pituitary

---peaks about day 14

---stimulates completion of meiosis I

---promotes secretion of more estrogen and progesterone

---ovulation test

  • Estrogen

---released from matures follicles

---thickens endometrium

---inhibits more FSH/LH release

  • Progesterone

---released from corpus luteum

---thickens endometrium

  • When egg is released...

---low FSH and LH :don't want another egg!

---high estrogen and progesterone: thick endometrium!

  • HCG

---human chorionic gonadotropin

---present if embryo implants in endometrium

---maintains corpus luteum

---continues to secrete estrogen and progesterone

---pregnancy test

Secondary sex characteristics

  • Male

---deeper voice

---beard and body hair

---chest broadens

---larger muscles

---longer growth stage

  • Female

---enlargement of breasts and reproductive organs

---wider hips

---hair in armpits and pubic area


---fat deposits under skin

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