Monday, October 17, 2011

Scribe Post for Monday, 10/17

Scribe Post for Monday, 10/17

Today in Class:

1- Finished the virus notes (page 6- top of 8)

2- Watched Understanding Bacteria and did UP p. 15


1- Read Ch. 15, p. 303-309 (with note sheet)

2- Read UP p. 19-25-Bacteria Labs

3- Fill in UP p. 31-32 (use text/internet)

Some Important Things in the Notes:

· Animal Viruses

- Their outer envelope is often made of phospholipids membrane and spikes made of protein. These allow the virus to enter and leave the cell by attaching to the cell, not attacking it.

- Some have RNA (HIV, common cold, measles,etc). Others DNA (Chicken pox, etc)

The Reproductive Cycle of an RNA Virus

HIV: The Aids Virus:

- Retrovirus

- Uses reverse transcriptase

Understanding Viruses:

The video reviewed some of the basics of viruses that we have covered in class and gave a visual to help one understand the concepts better. Its main focus was diseases and vaccines.

Don't Forget!

There are two ongoing projects at the moment. The video project as well as the spice lab. Keep working on them!



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