Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scribe Post- 9/13/2011

Today in class we: -Turned in Biome maps
- Went over UP pages 55-64
-Filled in notes on chapter 19 and started on chapter 20.

HW: QUIZ - Thursday CH 18 & 19
Unit 1 TEST on 9/19
Eco issue due 9/23
Read CH 20
Ecology Video on Succession
* Many factors impact an ecosystem
* Ecological succession is a process where a community transforms itself until it is a stable
* 2 types of succession
* Primary Succession: No previous vegetation or growth
* Secondary Succession: Previous vegetation/growth
An example of PRIMARY succession:
The image above is PRIMARY succession because there WASN'T previous growth or vegetation.

Here is an example of SECONDARY succession:
The image above is SECONDARY succession because there WAS previous growth/vegetation.

Early Colonizers
* Biotic/Abiotic factors influence succession
* Early colonizers are fast growing forms of vegetation
* Can adapt to amount of sunlight
* Wind dispersed
* Some early colonizers have symbiotic relationships with environment


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