Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26 Scribe Post

Today In class:

-Turned in the Cells Alive Internet Lesson (UP 19-22) and the Enzyme Coloring Sheet EC.

-Reviewed the information on the UP pages 7-11 about enzymes
The greater the concentration of enzyme and/or substrate, the greater the reaction rate will be
Enzymes function at an optimal pH level.
Enzymes function at an optimal temperature.

In every reaction process:

  • Reactants are what go in

  • Enzymes change the reactants

  • The substrate is the reactant being changed.

  • Products are what come out.

For example:

H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) ----; Catalase (Enzyme)-----; H20+02 (Water and Oxygen)

reactant is the hydrogen peroxide

substrate is the hydrogen peroxide

enzyme is catalase

products of the reaction are water and oxygen

We did the ENZYME LAB!!! (UP pages 12-15)

In a groups of 4, we tested:

Part I- enzyme (catalase) specificity,

Part II- effect of temperature on enzyme activity with :fridge(0 degrees Celsius), incubator(40 degress Celsius), and boiling water (100 degrees Celsius)

Part III- effect of concentration of enzyme,

Part IV- effect of pH on enzyme.

Remember to set up the test tubes in the fridge, incubator, and boiling water before hand so you can do other work while.

Recognize trends and patterns of how enzymes react differently in different situations.

Work efficiently and its really helpful to SPLIT WORK BETWEEN GROUP and collect the data at the end.

Finsh entired Enzyme Lab UP 11-18 DUE FRIDAY
Complete Cell pre-lab UP 23-26

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