Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6/14/11 Scribe Post

Today in class we:
-Finished taking notes in the Unit 1: Scientific Method Packet
-Did the activity on pages 73-75

In the notes:

TOPIC: Global Warming

-caused by an increase in the atmospheres CO2 levels

-largely due to the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation

-if the global temperature rises by 2 degrees C, then polar ice caos could melt causing sea levels to rise, flooding cities on the shore, and change in rainfall patterns, effecting farming
TOPIC: Ozone Layer Depletion
-caused by the use of chlorofluorocarbons (chemicals used for refridgeration and aerosals)
-Why is this bad?
1). increases amount of skin cancer
2). increases amount of cateracts
3). damages crops
4). increases phytoplakton (plankton that gains energy from the sun)
-in 1987 many nations ended CFC production which wasn't officially followed until 2010
-there's an ozone hole over Antartica that occasionally moves over area of Australia, New Zealand, and South America
-because of this, Australia has the largest skin cancer rate in the world
TOPIC: Biodiversity Crisis
-a decline in Earth's variety of life
-we are losing species: birds, plants, trees, freshwater fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals
1). Habitat destruction- land, wetland, and marine
2). Introduced species-eliminate native species. Ex: Asian Carp outcompeting other freshwater fish in the Illinois rivers
3). Overexploitation- excessive commercial harvest or sport hunting. Ex: whales, dolphins, sea turtles, elephants
TOPIC: Why does biodiversity matter?
-We depend on species for food, shelter, clothing, shelter, oxygen, and soil
-25% of prescription medicines come from plants. Ex: Aloe is used to treat burns and dry skin
-Human populations could be altered by changes in biodiversity
-Field of Conservation Biology: seeks to counter the loss of biodiversity
-Doal: Sustainable developement balancing human needs with the health of the biosphere. Goal is prosperityof human societies and ecosystems that support them
In the activity:
Pages 73- 75
"Environmental Action Simulation"
In this activity we were all paired in groups of 4-5 people. We were to pretend we were part of the Granite City Environmental Action Organization. We were then given a $20,000 grant in which we were supposed to divide amongst several organizations in need of funding. We then wrote paragraphs explaining why we chose to divide the funds this way.
-read the articles given by Mrs. Andrews
-answer the questions on the article
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