Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scribe Post: Tuesday, December 6

Welcome to the start of the new unit!
Today in class we:
-received the new U.P./Notes/Schedule
-looked over objectives
-survey on page three in new U.P.
-watched "Footpath Murder" video
-Read chapter 12 and 11, 200 & 208-211
-U.P. 5-6
Today, we began unit 5: "DESIGNER GENES".
-it is suggested that if you do not understand the terms in the objectives that you go back in the reading and take notes.
-Note taking for this unit is required.
#10: Should genetic research be used to develop weapons for purposes of war? -students said:
a) no
1)would be the "scariest" weaponry yet because it could specifically attack people
#5: Should genetic examinations of couples before marriage be required by law in order to prevent the birth of children with certain diseases?
-students said:
a) yes
1) should not be used to prevent the birth of children but rather parents would be able to better prepare for their child
b) no
1) violates our rights
Video: The Footpath Murders
-1st DNA fingerprinting case
above left: Lynda Mann. above right: Dawn Ashworth
-both 15 year old girls were sexually assaulted and killed by Colin Pitchfork
-using DNA fingerprinting, scientist Alec Jeffreys helped prove Pitchfork of murder and also saved Richard Buckland (falsely presumed guilty of raping and murdering the two above girls) of being convicted for a crime he did not do
directly below : Alec Jeffreys. below Jeffreys: Colin Pitchfork
Alec Jeffreys, British geneticist UK first ... Colin Pitchfork
That's all guys! thank you :)
-Cici Coleman
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  1. I think you did a great job summarizing what we did in class, especially the video. The video had a lot of important information, and you inorporated it very well