Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scribe Post 5/3

Today in class we...

  • Finished the notes packet
  • Watched a video

Tonight's Homework...

  • Digestion handouts due Friday
  • UP p.47-51 Prelab due Friday
  • Lab #55 due Monday
  • Design a Quiz due Tuesday (closer than you think!)

In the Notes...

  • The stomach engages in chemical, and mechanical digestion
    • HCl, gastric juice, Rennin, and Pepsin chemically digest
    • Constant churning from the stomach mechanically digests
  • After the stomach, the "food" moves into the duodenum of the small intestine
    • Villi and microvilli absorb the nutrients into the capillaries
    • Villi and microvilli increase the surface area, expediting absorption
Moving on to something a little off topic in the notes...
  • The old Food Pyramid is no longer effective (Right)
    • Based on "servings" which can vary
    • Made in 1992, it has recently been revived
  • The new Pyramid focuses on easily measurable items
    • Orange= Grains; 5-8 oz.
    • Green= Vegetables; 2.5 cups
    • Red= Fruits; 2 cups
    • Yellow= Oils
    • Blue= Milk; 3 cups
    • Purple= Beans and Meats; 5.5 oz.

  • Eating disorders are seriously dangerous, and present all around the world
  • Malnutrition: a deficiency of one or more of the essential nutrients
    • There are 8 critical amino acids for survival
  • Kwashiorkor: Inadequate protein intake. Lack of blood proteins lead to swollen limbs
  • Undernutrtion: Lack of the essential amino acids forces the body to break down muscles and brain
  • Obesity: Too high of a ratio of weight to height
    • 25% of Americans suffer from obesity
  • Fat Cravings: Believed to be an evolutionary advancement, a craving for fattening foods
  • Anorexia and Bulimia are more common in the US
    • Largely caused by harsh media portrayals of "pretty"

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  3. Will nice post, and thank you for reminding me about the Design a Quiz because I almost forgot about that.

  4. this was a great review of the end of the notes, but I think you could have gone more in depth about eating disorders.Thanks.